Weekly Golf Tips

Get "LOW" to make more putts!

Imagine how the size of houses apear from an airplane. Now think of how big they are at ground level. When trying to hole short putts (inside 8 feet), try crouching over the ball more and getting your eyes directly over the golf ball. Take a look at the hole, look back at your ball and stroke it with the proper tempo. An arms & shoulders stroke with elbows bowed out (aka Jeff Dayton, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer) or without the elbows bowed out (aka Tiger Woods, Bill Haas) is preferred to control your speed consistently. 

By getting your eyes "lower", the putts will appear shorter and the hole will appear bigger. Hello, that has to help your chances of making a positive stroke. Try it, you might like it. 

Jeff Dayton, PGA

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