Sports betting are a betting method that is based on the prediction of results in sporting events, the rules of these bets, their legality, their bases, and fundamentals may vary depending on the country where they are made.

Sports betting in the UK are quite popular, especially in horse racing and greyhound dog racing competitions, which makes this country a pioneer in sports betting, followed by the United States which moves a lot amount of money in bets in the world of Professional Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Basketball

These bets in ancient times were made live on the same day of the event, or even, being televised remotely, the amounts of money that were moved in bets were exorbitant and with the passage of time it became a fundamental part of sporting events, And with the rise of the internet it became much easier to access online bookmakers that facilitate the process of betting on favorite teams or contenders.

Sports betting is a fairly popular means of making money from sporting events for example Olympic Games in volleyball, which is quite popular with fans of various sports disciplines who consider themselves experts on the subject of sport.

The origin of sports betting

These types of bets are considered the oldest games of chance in mankind of which there is a record. Their first appearances date back to ancient Greece where large amounts of money were wagered on the fights and sporting events characteristic of the time, such as the Pankration and the Pentathlon.

With the cultural appropriation that the Romans carried out, these gambling and gambling traditions moved to the West and became part of the Roman civilization, which bet in the arenas and the coliseums, these were the first to convert gambling in a business, there are even records of sports bets in charioteer races (horse-drawn carts).

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, betting became a popular act, bets began to be run on horse and greyhound races throughout Europe, having a definite boom in England where even today, these races are quite popular .

The bookmakers allowed these games to be taken to different sports, creating different systems depending on the type of sporting event that was held, the expansion was imminent, in the United States this betting method was popularized and from there it was completely globalized, the first Big betting houses focused on boxing and combat events which are quite a popular discipline in this country.

The great leap to fame for bookmakers occurred with the rise of the internet in the first decade of the 21st century, online gambling became a milestone marking a before and after in the sports betting industry. From this point on, there was an exponential growth in the number of companies dedicated to online betting in the world, with new betting houses being founded every day and dedicated to different sports sectors.