The European Quota: This fee is expressed in the form of natural or decimal numbers (3, 2, 1.5, 2.5) this number indicates the multiplier of the amount of money of the bet that results in the total money that we are going to receive from the bookmaker.

The English Quota: This fee is expressed in the form of fractions (½, ¼), this fraction indicates the number of the multiplier of the amount of money that we have bet that results in the amount of money that we are going to receive from the bookmaker, in addition, the Bookmaker returns to the bettor the amount of money initially bet.

The American Quota: This fee can be expressed in the form of a positive or negative number (50, 100, -50, -100) this indicator is quite particular because the number tells us that in case of being victorious in our bet, the amount of money that the Betting house will refund us in case of positive odds. In the event that the fee is negative, it indicates the number of game coins that we must bet to win that certain amount of money.

In online bookmakers the odds format is generally very well explained and represented, in an accessible way so that the user can quickly read and understand how it works. This information is usually located in an interactive panel which the player can consult the figures that he can win if he is victorious with.


Types of sports bets

Live bets: This type of bet is characterized by giving the player the possibility to modify his bet during the course of the sporting event.

Long-term betting: This method is used when a sporting event lasts for several days.

Simple bet: This is the most frequent and most popular bet if the player guesses the forecast of the sporting event, the entire amount is returned plus the benefits and extra winnings if not, the betting house keeps all the money.

Combination bet: It is usually used in multidisciplinary events, where the player can make different bets in different modalities. The bettor must hit all the predictions in order to win the game.

System betting: These are betting games that involve several modalities and allow the user to choose; among their options are systems such as Trixie, Patent, Lucky15, Yankee, etc.

Handicap: In this betting system we can take advantage of several factors within the game, such as the number of goals in a soccer match, the time in which they were scored, etc., according to an advantage and disadvantage system, where a handicap line and the team closest to this line is the one with the best chance of being victorious.

Asian handicap: It is quite similar to the traditional handicap but involves a certain amount of extra rules and some peculiarities since the player is allowed to get as close as possible to the line of possibilities using terms such as bets on a “quarter goal”. In addition, the chances of results are reduced to only two, discarding the chances of a draw and forcing a result of victory or defeat.